Q: Is there an age limit for membership?

Membership is open to anyone who enjoys good food and conversation.

Q: Will I feel awkward about turning up on my own?

The very nature of the club will appeal to independently minded people and most will arrive alone. You will be met at the restaurant and introduced to others.

Q: Will my name ever be given out?

Members’ names and addresses are confidential and are not passed on to anyone other than other members of the Bristol Supper Club, when they are organising meals..

Q: How much will each meal cost?

Usually in the £20 – £30 range, which will cover most local restaurants. Guide prices are given in the programme. Generally, they do not include the cost of drinks or gratuities.

Q: Is wine included in the price?

Drinks are optional, and are paid for at the end of the meal.

Q: How many events can I attend a month?

As many as you like, just book with the host directly ASAP before the date.

Q: Who chooses the menu?

Normally, you choose from the restaurant’s menu.

Q: How to book?

Simply contact the person organising the meal, remembering to give your name and contact details.

Q: The Committee

The club is non-profit making and is run by a committee of volunteers drawn from the membership. Any member can join the committee and we always welcome suggestions for venues from members.